Misbeliefs debunked about Marketing Automation

Let’s look at the most relevant misbeliefs about Marketing Automation and the truth behind them. Used for sending automated emails only Many believe that the only channel used by Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) is email. However, most larger vendors can handle social interactions, create landing pages, process form submissions, SMS, website tracking and so on. … Read more

When should you hire a strategy consultant?

The strategy consulting market  There are a lot of complex problems, companies are facing nowadays, so strategy consulting is a highly relevant market. Big accountant firms (the Big Four), small specialist businesses and traditional consulting firms also compete against each other in the market. What is more, agencies are also trying to broaden their knowledge … Read more

5 things to consider before choosing a marketing automation tool

A marketing automation tool can help you to have a cross-device communication strategy, which according to 84% of marketers can higher the success rate of corporate communication strategy. This new technology allows marketers to target their future consumers with surgical accuracy and provide them with highly personalized messages. Selecting a marketing automation tool The market … Read more

Should You Care About Customer Experience?

We at Pattern have been involved in several customer experience projects over our 40 years’ worth of combined experience within industries like telecommunications and financial services. We would like to share with you our unique insights and show you what strategies work and generate real results. For good measure, we’ve also thrown in a couple … Read more

How to set a solid foundation for digital transformation?

The digitalization of companies is not only a matter of developing and improving on technological capabilities, but also of re-organization and re-design of the entire company, including metrics, culture and the channel roles, if we are to effectively digitalize our operations. The above statement summarizes the main message of most of the presentations and articles … Read more

Putting omnichannel into campaign management

Bear with me for a moment though. Whatever the term, the need to communicate across channels in a consistent manner is real. Customers (and potential customers!) perceive a company as a single unit and mentally assign all messages received from it to one company. Making this work in real life is trickier than it might seem and … Read more

Making sense of marketing automation

As with most things driven by tools as much as concepts, there are very broad definitions of what marketing automation actually is – it typically boils down to anything you can do with marketing automation tools. Which is a lot. More to the point, not everything we regard as part of a marketing automation project … Read more

Customer Journey Mapping Course at Kürt Academy

We are responsible for the Costumer Journey Mapping Course guiding the participants through topics like AS-IS and TO-BE journey mapping, segmentation, persona creation, life events, and proposition development. The course is really hands-on, practice focused with some complex exercises throughout the participants can learn and practice the magic of customer journey based marketing planning. For … Read more

The Myth of Successful Projects

I’ve owned some, managed many and happened to do some actual work on a select few over the years. Suffice to say, there is no number. But if there was, it would be in the 30 to 120 range. With some degree of certainty. Which brings us nicely to something I’ve encountered on 99.99% of … Read more